925 sterling silver leaf earrings

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Type: Earrings
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These Blade silver earrings are an elegant and timeless choice for any jewelry collection. They are made of 925 Sterling silver, which means they are made of 92.5% pure silver, making them both durable and beautiful.

The earrings are coated with white gold, giving them a smooth and shiny surface that shines and adds a touch of elegance to any style. The coating also protects the earrings from discoloration and oxidation, making them a piece of jewelry that will last a long time.

The stones in the earrings are cubic zirconia stones, which are synthetic stones that resemble diamonds. Cubic zirconia stones are known for their high brilliance and clarity, meaning they will catch the light and sparkle beautifully in any lighting.

The shape of the earrings is inspired by leaves, giving them an organic and natural appearance. They are not too big, but not too small either, making them perfect for both everyday wear and festive occasions.

Nickel-free material: 925 sterling silver

Coating: white gold coated

Stones: cubic zirconia stones

Size: 2.3CM

Lilla Villa

Lilla Villa