About Purple Villa

"Lilla Villa" was a dollhouse that Nicole (the founder of Lilla Villa) had in her childhood. The dollhouse was, as the name suggests, purple. Nicole had a purple villa filled with many cute dolls and their fine clothes. It was her favorite game to change the dolls' clothes and the beginning of her dream to work with textiles.

After many years, Nicole moved to Denmark and she has not given up on her dream. After giving birth to a lovely daughter, she found out that children's clothing in Denmark is very similar and lifeless. This thought did not worry her, instead she decided to bring life and choices to children in Denmark by opening her own online store.

"Children deserve a colorful and dreamy childhood after all. When today's children become tomorrow's adults, the happy laughter and the stylish clothes found in their albums can tell that their parents have done their best to bring colors into their childhood." -- Nicole

We aim to provide you with the best possible experience when shopping at Lilla Villa.

Kind regards, Lilla Villa

Phone: +45 55 25 11 07

Email: info@lillavilla.dk

Address: Usserød Kongevej 97B, 2970 Hørsholm, Denmark

CVR number: 43545280

Lilla Villa

Lilla Villa